The Agile Youth Challenge is a programming hackathon/codeathon competition for students in grades 6-12, at any NYC or area school, with any level of programming experience. 

There is no cost to participate in AYC; our organizers and supporters cover all costs except transportation to the events... and we've even covered that when needed! We want to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to participate, and we want all participants to go home with awesome memories and some really cool prizes. 

AYC was founded by members of several NYC schools, and grew out of the organizers’ desire to blend ongoing learning experiences into the immediate and intense challenges of a hackathon/codeathon. The goal is to bring teams together in friendly competition, give them a chance to evaluate and learn from their performance back at school, and then present another chance to compete and apply what they’ve learned.

It's a really cool experience. We hope you'll come learn with us. 


Middle School and High School students from any NYC area school can participate. Teams must be accompanied by an adult sponsor. 

Hackathon Sponsors


Codesters shirts (20)

Codesters stickers & pins (130)

Codesters - "how to pitch an idea" workshop (5)

GCT - summer internship (3)

GCT - shadow Eddie for a day - 2 teams (10)

C/I - two teams join us at NYTM on December 15th (10)

C/I - Kickstarter Office Tour for two-four teams on January 12 (12)

C/I - swag - Metal water bottles & C/I t-shirts for one team (5)

Microsoft - Dreamspark challenge + swag (130)

Website, Azure account - show that you've done it, and get MS swag to boot!

Microsoft - winning team gets lunch w/ James + office visit Q/A (5)

Microsoft - runner up - 4gb flash drives & universal chargers (5)

Microsoft - game/mouse/water bottles/t-shirts for best tweet or instagram (7)

Samsung - prize bags (20)

Lucky Diem - in-person or virtual meeting to discuss the project's business model, product/market fit, etc. (5)

Ideal for a project that involves some sort of B2B / B2C marketing element. (I don't know much about bit coins...) Time/date/location TBD in conversation with Lucky Diem.

NextGenVest - all students get access to NextGenVest's learning platform (130)

NextGenVest - premium membership to all winners (20)

incl phone charger, etc. in gift box

Wheelhouse - all participants get free access seats to GitHub for Developers course (130)

Wheelhouse - winning "Advanced Team" lunch and learn session (5)

Wheelhouse is awarding a Lunch and Learn Session with Co-Founder, Nikolai Chowdhury, who will talk and share thoughts on a "Toolkit for Modern Software Development" over lunch in their NYC Office at Grand Central Tech.

Hopscotch - lunch with finalist/winner (5)

Team will present what they made, meet founders & developers, talk about Hopscotch (a programming language) and how to program, talk about how to get into developing/programming after HS

Hopscotch - stickers for everyone (130)

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Will be Announced!

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